About us


Wellness Care is a Clinic and a Centre for Yoga, Meditation, Nature Cure Diet Therapy & Ideal health. It was established by Dr. Rajesh on 15th January 2008 to provide complete wellness to the society. Wellness care is working devotedly for ideal health & social welfare.

Ideal health

Ideal health is an ideology of Dr. Rajesh and it is based on the principles of physical health, mental health, social health as well as spiritual health.

About Dr. Rajesh

Dr. Rajesh is a Yogi and a Doctor in Ayurveda, in naturopathy and in Yoga & Diet Therapy. A motivator, Sanskrit Vidvan, a poet, a writer, a social worker and a person who believe in Indian ancient culture’s values and is devoted to it heartly & spritualy.

Our Mission

The mission of Dr. Rajesh is the establishment of Ideal health. Dr. Rajesh dreams a disease free society in which everybody will be physically, mently, socialy as well as spiritually healthy. So that an ideal society can be established, in thisideal society everybody will live a vibrant, peaceful and happy life. So to ensure wellness in the society is his mission.

Our Vision :

To develop an ideal health society where the health is based on ancient values such as yoga, meditation, nature cure & other holistic or idealistic values like that.